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Your business website: 9 reasons why Elon Musk says you need it

Would you like have a business website to find multiplying success like Elon Musk?

At just under $2 Billion in sales posted for the last quarter, his Tesla branded vehicles have captured the Electric Vehicle market.

Wouldn’t you love to be the ruler of your target market.

Read the on to understand why business magnates like Elon Musk would recommend having a business website as a compulsion to running a successful business.

#1 Perpetual Advertisement

Business website serving as perpetual advertisement

A 24/7 all-year-round advertisement for your business. Your business website serves as a detailed and permanent fixture on a property you own.

Paying for advertisements is and always has been an expensive affair but having a business website promises to always give you a positive return on your investment.

Acting as a ‘forever brochure’ that you can modify to suit your changing customer profile that is always at hand to refer to.

Of course you can pay for an advertisement on platforms like Google or social media platforms like Facebook but with a call to action on a platform of your own, your paid advertisement could lose credibility.

#2 Zero Effort Store-front

Business website serving as perpetual store-front

It serves as an additional store front with E-commerce.

Your business website gives your customer Ease Of Access to your entire product range at a time and place convenient to them.

A client from a foreign time-zone may not be able to contact you directly but having access to your website serves the potential clients need as well as yours in being available to dish out information at a time and place convenient to both.

A business is not capable of being at all places that a potential customer is but to achieve the goal of being available at the right place at the right time is an irreplaceable asset for any business to have.

#3 Customer Education

Business website serving to educate your customers

It serves as an Intricately detailed presentation to educate your customers while exhibiting your entire product line.

It serves as an effective way of educating your customer rather than training an employee to rote learn intricacies of your product range.

An employee may unintentionally misguide a customer but your website cant go wrong.

Potential customers can go into in-depth detail of your entire product line at their own convenience, learning about nuances of the process you follow during the making process or during service delivery.

Detailing this amount of information is not possible on any other platform that is presently available.

#4 Conveys Brand Values

Business website creating brand value

Beyond presentation your business website can be an extension of your businesses values and self-expression.

It can convey what your company stands for and what care your company takes while making products.

It can educate your customer base regarding the ways in which your company gives back to the environment or other such values that is impossible to convey in a traditional store-front setting.

Letting your customers know about the nuances that shape your business can greatly help in shaping your customer base to perceive your business in the way you would like to be seen in the eyes of your potential customer.

#5 Maximize Your Reach

Business website maximizing market reach

Your business website is capable of communicating with the largest audience the world has ever seen.

With 2022 seeing a projected 6 Billion internet users, your business could reach them all at once.

No other medium of communication is able to match the reach of the internet.

It’s serves you as a ‘Low Cost Per Impression Marketing Vehicle’ that helps your business reach a large amount of potential customers with just a single initial investment to experts like us in the field.

With an audience this large, going viral gets to be easier and leveraging this phenomenon to your businesses gain is possible only with your very own business website.

#6 Adds To Your Company’s Credibility

Business website adding to brand credibility

Having a website communicates the fact that the business owner is serious about having a presence in the market.

A message that ‘This Business Means Business’ is sent to your potential customer and an invisible message of assurance of quality is conveyed.

Your website shows your professionalism while giving your potential customer the added security offered by a weighted blanket, assuring them of a comfortable stress-free experience.

Today, over 50% of smartphone users discover a companies or products while on their smartphones.

Not having a website can damage your credibility. According to a study, 75% of online users judged a company’s credibility based on the presence of its website.

#7 Location Location Location

Business website being where customers are

The point of doing business is to do what you do best for as many people as you can find the time for.

93% Of Business Purchase Decisions Start With A Search Engine Search of Websites while 97% of people search online to find a local business near them.

With stats like these, we have immutable evidence to the fact that owning this small chunk of virtual real estate is no longer an option.

If you, as a business owner wants to be seen by this target market, you have to position your business to be seen where your potential clients are looking. Getting experts to handle your ‘Local SEO’ right is of massive importance in this respect.

#8 Diminishing Social Media Reach

Business website serving as owned virtual estate

Social Media isn’t forever.

Social media platforms that are big today could be no where tomorrow.

We have massive platforms like MySpace, Orkut and Google plus; platforms that were propped up by industry Goliaths like Google which do not even exist anymore.

Businesses that had a customer base or a fan following lost all of that overnight.

All the work that went into creating content and curating the list of customers on that platform went down the drain on account of not owning the platform on which the work was being done.

Owning your business website makes for the best environment to nurture your audience.

#9 Reduce The Burden of Support

Business website serving to reduce support burden

Haynes Publishing Group that was founded in 1960 by John Haynes published what is commonly known as the Haynes Manuals.

The series primarily focuses upon the maintenance and repair of automotive vehicles, covering 300 models of car and 130 models of motorcycle.

Over time consumer behavior has changed to adapt to the evolving technologies in the digital era.

Gone are the days when these service manuals were considered to be a must-have source of information.

The internet has replaced it with infinitely better online manuals that take up no space and are available 24/7.

Your website can serve you as Self Service Customer Support with a detailed FAQ section and common use-case scenarios to reduce the after-sales burden that you would have to bear on a case by case basis, individually.

In Conclusion

Now as a business owner, you may be proficient in your field and may not know how to create a website for business.

In doing the bare minimum, you as a business owner could easily head to Google to create a ‘Google my business website’ but remember, your website is your first point of contact with your customer.

Your customer is king, in the sense that your business is running because of your customers.

Making a good first impression could make or break the sale.

You have to take into account a bunch of parameters when you create a business website while considering design choices, color therapy, calls to action and other small but extremely significant choices.

Entrust this pivotal task to a professional that has experience in the field.

Get in touch with Sherman Carvalho today to understand how you can be on the road to being the next Elon Musk.

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