3 Cutting-edge Automated Marketing Solutions to save Post-Covid Businesses’

9 of 10 post-covid businesses will fail to achieve their full potential if they overlook Automated Marketing solutions.
With the competition in the marketing industry getting fierce, late-adopters of the ever-changing automated systems stand to lose out to competition.
In the following paragraphs, you will learn about the cutting-edge Automated Marketing solutions that are changing the face of competition.

Automated Marketing Solutions promise More leads, More conversions, Increased sales, Decreased work. A tall order for a term that, not too long ago, needed a mound of research to get one up to speed on what the term actually meant. Getting the term to hold water and pushing the ideology to replace traditional marketing techniques that were used by seasoned marketers was a herculean feat in itself but getting newer players to accept the fact that the game changed, immediately after they learned the rules, left the marketing scene of the 90’s gasping for air.

Though the ‘Automated Marketing Solutions’ movement began in the early 90’s, this flaccid state of adoption of new ideas caused it to stagnate and it wasn’t until the middle of the 2000s that the automated marketing industry started taking shape.

If there is one thing that the post-2019 pandemic has taught the world, it is Adaptation. If you cannot adapt, you perish. With the Job-Loss numbers in the millions in countries like India, the once fully-occupied work-force found themselves looking for alternative sources of income. The small mistake they made: they had put all of their skills into one basket. The bigger mistake they made: that basket belonged to their employers.

This scenario forced a large part of the unemployed to hone their skills to work from home and make money online. The unemployed-skilled worker suddenly had a heavy load of free time that gave rise to a truckload of Novel start-up businesses These businesses took advantage of the skills that were picked up while working with multinational companies that followed cutting edge best-practices.

With new ideas come new problems. The work from home environment gave rise to a new work force that had potential but didn’t know how to get people to notice the potential. In the corporate environment, this task of getting potential customers to take notice of services on offer was handled by a team of marketers. Thankfully this task could be automated but answering how was the elephant in the room that no one wanted to address.

What are automated marketing solutions?

Simply put Automated marketing solutions refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks. The question that a lot of people asked themselves in 2020 was,

What is marketing automation primarily used for?

Repetitive tasks that require basic editing with reference to addition of names or positions applied for or courses opted for are prime candidates for tasks that can be automated using automated marketing tools. When a user clicks on an ad, be it a facebook ad or a google ad or an ad on any other medium – these tools automate asks like creation of landing pages, collecting user data and customizing emails to be sent out based on that data.

Customizing sales pitches for each user based on each ones unique choices makes for a mountain of repetitive work to be automated. Reducing the amount of human intervention helps increase revenue while maximizing efficiency. When automation is used effectively to handle repetitive tasks, employees are free to tackle higher-order problems, and human error is reduced.

How do you do market automation?

As the definition above clearly states that these tasks were carried out by a collective that comprised of the Marketing department of an organization.

Covid-19 brought out a lot of hidden potential, forgotten hobbies and passion that a large part of the unemployed workforce thought that they had lost long ago. The common denominator with all of these acts was the fact that the availability of services and the outcomes of the execution of the same needed recognition. Marketing it effectively was the only way.

In the words of Marketing guru, Neil Patel, “Marketing is important to your business. Just call me Captain Obvious.”

Presently a major part of the population is a potential business owner and all of these prospective CEOs are asking to know, how to automate marketing? As history has taught us, if there is a problem, there will always be someone working at the solution but in recent history we have understood that the quickest way to complete a task that needs to be done repeatedly is to automate it.

Why implement automated marketing solutions?

Why Spend double the amount of time to complete a task just for the sake of automating it? Simply because you would spend that extra time only when the task is being performed for the first time. Thereafter it can be redone with ease in every subsequent iteration. Since one would have to repeatedly market an idea to each and every potential client interested in availing of services, why not create a tool that will do this one task repeatedly. This is the mindset that gave rise to Market automation tools that answered the question,

What are market automation tools?

Traditional Marketing was labour intensive. It worked but lacked taking notice of the obvious repetition of tasks. It took advantage of cheap labour but it just underutilized the potential of the workforce. Tasks like answering customer queries and pushing literature related to the services offered were repetitive tasks that were begging for a solution that got rid of the redundancy in the system.

Tools like chatbots help to conduct an on-line chat conversation via text or text-to-speech, in lieu of providing direct contact with a live human agent. DialogTech is a great voice-based marketing automation tool that helps measure success-rate and adapt based on results.

Automated MArketing Solutions DialogTech Banner

When thinking about the types of marketing automation, either one chooses to automate each sector of their marketing strategy with an independent tool or chooses an All-in-one marketing platform like Mailchimp to help manage and talk to clients, to push promotional material, to create landing pages for ‘Call to action’ advertising or email design.

Automated MArketing Solutions  Mail Chimp Alt

Answering the question “What is meant by marketing automation?’ shouldn’t be a daunting task at this point in time but Implementing a solution requires a clear understanding of what is required as an outcome of the marketing exercise. Setting clear quantitative goals can ensure that the marketing process is implemented in simple & easy steps. Being specific with the numbers and percentages at this juncture is what will set a good marketing strategy apart from the rest.

One major task for a new business is getting noticed by potential clients. This is a numbers game that requires a business to reach out to as much of the masses as possible in the shortest amount of time so as to nullify the competition. This is when the question of automated advertising arises.

What is automated advertising?

Simply put, Automated Advertising” automatically creates those ads using the material found on the business website and produces professional-grade banners and text ads, automatically. This means you never have to worry about hiring a designer to create ads. Automated advertising is a vast topic that requires a dedicated piece of text to do it justice. Software like AdRoll help businesses re-target customers with the help of facebook, twitter and the web We’ll be doing a deep dive into it soon so watch this space.

Automated Marketing Solutions. What is automated advertising? Ad Roll Banner

Of the plethora of options available to automate a businesses marketing, business owners need to understand the needs of the business and make an informed decision to choose a platform that will fit the purpose , budget and the operators know-how as far as operating the software is concerned.

Choosing a platform that does everything seems like a good option that will address anything that a business may need. On the flipside, software capabilities are expensive. The more a software is capable of doing, the more it costs. One would be paying for capabilities that will not be used. Starting simple make sense as catching up with a learning curve is not always the easiest thing to do.

As the enterprise scales up, functionality to the marketing tools can be added to cope with the growing demand. This small step takes care of the learning curve and the cost concerns. As the automated marketing solutions market isn’t small anymore the tools available to be opted for aren’t few or lacking in abilities anymore.

All in all Automated marketing solutions have made the lives of the post-covid business owner a whole load easier with the least amount of work. Getting the job done is what matters and automating your tasks is the way to go.

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